International League


The International League and school of Pakua, a nonprofit organization, was founded by Master Rogelio Magliacano, and is an institution recognized worldwide.

The Depository Master Responsible, Rogelio Magliacano dedicated his life to the study Martial arts and healing from a very early age.  He obtained his black belt in different styles of martial arts before he began the study of Pakua with his Chinese Master, I Chan Ming.  After completing hard work and studies, Master I Chan Ming named him his only successor and person in charge of continuing the transmission of the Pakua knowledge worldwide, making the knowledge available to anyone interested in studying.

Formed in 1976, after Master Magliacano’s return from the orient, Pakua schools were formed in Argentina, Brasil, the United States, Spain, England, Portugal, France, Sweden, Israel, Germany, Italy, Russia, Uruguay and many other countries.

For the past 30 years, he taught over hundreds of people, training them in the profession so they were qualified to teach the art of Pakua to continue his mission.  In 2006, The Master handed the responsibility of the School to the care of his most advanced student, Master Nicolás Darío Moyano, naming him Superior Master Responsible, along with Master Superior, 7th degree Master, Fernando Sandri.

Master Rogelio Magliacano, the Depository Master responsible of the Pakua knowledge passed away in March, 2007.  His love, vision and knowledge continue to live on in the hearts of Pakua students around the world.

Pakua is an ancient knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation orally.  Now, Pakua is taught in the West, using a belt level system, courses, and regular classes.  The Pakua knowledge is based on the ancient symbol of Pakua, and the disciplines range from Martial Arts, self-defense, Ancient Weapons, Chinese Medicine, Energy Ways, Reflexology, Chien Chi Kua, Yoga, Tai Chi, Acrobatics and others.

The International League of Pakua offers assistance to its students world wide, providing access to knowledge that will contribute to their well-being, understanding and self-improvement.

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