Pa-Kua Archery


After years of research, preparation, practice and training, the International League of Pakua began teaching the Art of Chinese Archery, reviving these ancient techniques of shooting and infusing it with Pakua Knowledge.

The International League of Pakua has thus played an historic role in the rebirth of an ancient knowledge, becoming possibly the only school that is keeping alive the many technical traditions of shooting with a Chinese arrow, as well as helping propagate its practice throughout South America.

The bow is without a doubt one of the noblest weapons of Pakua, balancing efficiency of combat with the study of self-knowledge as well as control of the body and the mind.

Some schools consider the bow to be a supreme weapon, more important even than the sword, for it allows for attacks from a distance.  It could be the choice of every warrior, but both the bow and sword are very noble weapons.  In many instances throughout history they were used by the same combatant, conducting his first attack at a distance with the bow followed by the sword for close up combat.

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